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"I have observed Hugh teach, and his work is structured, thoughtful, and communicates the mind-body connection with focus, clarity and playfulness.  He leads his class gently but with great energy and persuasion.  He is an accomplished Michael Chekhov teacher."

        -Joanna Merlin: President of MICHA The Michael Chekhov Association, actor, teacher and former casting director and student of Michael Chekhov

“Study with Hugh O'Gorman!  His passion for acting is infectious, his taste is impeccable, his commitment to his students is unfailing. Hugh has the gifts of knowing his craft intimately and being able to teach it skillfully. “

        - Mary Lou Belli:  Emmy Award winning director and author of the “The Sitcom Career Book”

"Hugh is a gifted teacher who is dedicated to advancing his own knowledge and skills, curious and open, determined to best serve his students...and his certification as a teacher of the Michael Chekhov technique places him in the company of an elite few who are qualified to carry on the tradition of this great Russian master - arguably the greatest of the psycho-physical teachers of modern acting."

    -Ron Van Lieu: Head of Acting, Yale School of Drama

"The quality that sets Hugh apart from many other acting teachers is his rare ability to convey the ephemeral art of acting to working actors for immediate real world application.  He knows his craft inside out, as both an actor and teacher, and gets professional results from his students."

Steve McPherson: President ABC Entertainment, ABC Studios, ABC TV

“ I was greatly impressed by the vibrancy and enthusiasm of the atmosphere he creates in his classroom.  He establishes a remarkable rapport with his students, which in turn engenders a confidence and curiosity that will serve them well.  Exposure such as this is invaluable for acting students, and all too rare.  Hugh’s passion for acting and for teaching is remarkable, as is his commitment to his students and their education”

    -Kathleen Chopin: Emmy Award winning casting director (JOHN ADAMS)

“I first met Hugh as an actor and over the years I am happy to say he has become my colleague and my friend.  He brings to his teaching all the experience he’s had—and continues to have—as a professional actor coupled with his fervor for the craft.  I have taught with him side by side and I have watched him in action many times.  He brings to every class he teaches his care, his particular insight, and his passion.  The actors he sends to me always impress me with their training, their poise and their inherent professionalism.  I recommend him without reservation for any class he teaches.”

-Deborah Barylski: Emmy Award winning casting director (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT)

“Criteria for choosing an acting teacher: A) Bloodlines: Who were her/his mentors? To what extent? B) Experience as an actor:  She/he does not have to be an accomplished performer, but they need to understand the creative process from their own developmental struggle to realize a superior level of performance. C) Track record: What level of talent does this teacher attract? Not how many "stars” has she or he guided, but how many interesting creative people look to her or him for guidance. Hugh O'Gorman  rates very high in each of the three criteria, and in the ultimate measure as well. He is a great human being, who has a special ability to assist others in plumbing their own humanity. I would encourage you to look at Hugh O'Gorman from that perspective, if you wish to engage in your own growth as an actor/artist.”

        -J. Michael Miller, President The Actors Center, NYC; founding Dean of the NYU Tisch MFA in Acting program

“Hugh is a serious and committed theatre professional and I wholeheartedly believe in his work as an educator and artist.  I admire and respect his thoughtful and intelligent insight and highly recommend him as a teacher.”

        - Kathleen Hood: Administrative Director, The Juilliard School Drama Division

“Hugh O'Gorman continues the important work of a physical theatre in the tradition of Etienne Decroux, Peter Brook and Jzery Grotowski with his knowledge of the Chekhov Technique.  In an age of talking heads, it is wonderful to experience the physical theatre as created by Michael Chekhov.  Hugh's classes in LA as well as in Paris transcend language.  My clients as well as myself found his classes unique because of his  knowledge of this method as well as our  self discovery while using Michael Chekov's technique.  Hugh brings Chekhov's technique into the 21st century and leave his clients whether actor, director or writer all the better for it.  This is one workshop you will not want to miss.”

     -Vernice Klier: International Dialogue/Acting Coach  for Juliette Binoche, et al Artistic Director/Co-Founder Bridge Media Network Paris, France     

“As a former acting student at California State Long Beach, I have seen the theatre department go from a very good one, to one of the best theatre schools in the country.  Hugh O'Gorman has transformed the department and the quality of talent coming out into the world.  His students are lucky that he's not only an amazing teacher, but a working actor who can help focus them on the important details and commitment it takes to have a life in the theater. As a guest lecturer in his department, I've never seen a group of acting students so passionate and high on life having the opportunity to work with Hugh. I've seen the great respect and affinity his students have for him, and it is obvious he's an exceptional teacher by the caliber of performance his students give year after year. You just can't get any better than Hugh!

     -Camryn Manheim: Activist/Actress, Series regular on “The Ghost Whisperer”, “The Practice” (Golden Globe & Emmy Award Winner), “The L Word”,

“Hugh’s method of teaching is so joyful and freeing, his passion and generosity so apparent, while being rooted in his absolutely airtight knowledge of the Michael Chekhov work.  You feel like you are in good hands in his class and like you can’t make a mistake, because there are none!  I come away from every class enriched and excited about my art again, and have been able to bring that reinvigorated enthusiasm into all my other work:  rehearsals, auditions, camera work, stage work, all of it.  I’ve had the great fortune of studying with several of the top Chekhov teachers in the country, and Hugh is the cream of the crop! “

    -  Gretchen Egolf: Actress, series regular on “Journeyman”, “Roswell”, “Marshall Law” and graduate of the Juilliard School Drama Division

“Hugh has had a profound impact on my own acting process, career, and teaching but,  my God, in a brief testimonial, I find it hard to do him justice! In a town awash in self-proclaimed gurus, he is the real deal. His humanity, passion for the craft, love of actors, and encyclopedic knowledge of how actors do what they do is truly inspiring. The Michael Chekhov work was a particular revelation and I continue to use it to this day in my own classes and work in the profession.  Should you have the opportunity to study with Hugh, grab it!”

    -Richard Holden: Co-Head/Undergraduate Theatre Louisiana State University

"Hugh's approach to teaching is from the Actor's point of view. He understands completely what the struggle, the joy, the fear, and the ultimate pay off means, because he still practices. He's an actor passing on his undying passion and his wealth of knowledge with an ease and a command I've seldom experienced. Hugh doesn't just teach Michael Chekhov, he lives it."

- Alexandra Billings: Actress, Singer, Teacher,  Viewpoints Associate Steppenwolf Theatre School Chicago, and Steppenwolf West